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Truthbrush - Family Set: Grey and White

These beautiful toothbrushes are perfect for eco-friendly dental care. Truthbrushes have an ergonomic round handle and are carefully crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo. The adult Truthbruses come with medium bristles and the children's brushes with soft bristles.


Why we love the Truthbrushes:


  • Family Set 
  • 2 x Grey (Medium bristles), 2 x White (Children's)
  • FSC Certified Bamboo
  • Compostable Bamboo Handle
  • Eco Excellence Award Winning

Truthbrush - Family Set: Grey and White

  • With this pack of four Truthbrushes you'll save £2. These bamboo toothbrushes are a fantastic alternative to plastic toothbrushes. The brushes are predominantly plant-based with bamboo handles and bristles made from castor oil and nylon. Made from organic bamboo which is naturally antibacterial. Family set of four brushes: 2 x Storm Grey, 2 x Cloud White (for children).

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