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Health comes first.


The health of our customers, the health of our suppliers and the health of all who keep our store running is paramount to us. We’ve introduced extra measures to keep everyone safe and help stop the spread of Covid-19. We clean and disinfect packing area more frequently than usual, store the stock in closed boxes and, when packing online orders, we wear masks and gloves. While there is no evidence that Covid-19 can spread through parcels, we’d rather err on the side of caution. 


Local deliveries which are carried out by ourselves are done contact-free and the parcels are delivered to the doorstep. Orders delivered by Royal Mail or by a trusted courier are shipped regularly but may take slightly longer to reach the customers. So far orders have been delivered promptly (mostly within a matter of days), but occasionally deliveries may take a little longer than usual due to the unprecedented demand for delivery services and due to occasional slight delays with getting items in stock. Thank you for your understanding and for staying with us in these very unpredictable times. 

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