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Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge - Bumblebuzz

These plastic-free Tough None Sponges are made with bamboo, linen and cotton. The layers form a naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent dishwashing sponge perfect for zero waste and eco-friendly dishwashing. Carefully handmade in South Wales by Tabitha Eve Co.


Why we love the Tabitha Eve Bumblebuzz None Sponges:


  • Plastic Free
  • Bamboo Core
  • Designed to Last
  • Biodegradable
  • Handmade in Wales

Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge - Bumblebuzz

  • This Tough None Sponge from Tabitha Eve is the heavy duty version of Tabitha Eve's None Sponge. It's a fantastic plastic-free alternative to a disposable dishwashing sponge. It's made from cotton and bamboo as well as strong hessian layers, contains only plant based materials and is designed to last.

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