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Stainless Steel Razor Blades - Pack Of 5

These Bolzano Superinox Razor Blades are made in Europe and are compatible with standard double-edged safety razors.


Why we love the Stainless Steel Razor Blades:


  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Recyclable Cardboard Packaging
  • Made In Europe

Stainless Steel Razor Blades - Pack Of 5

  • These great quality razor blades will fit standard safety razors and will give a smooth, close shave. Together with our stainless steel safety razors these blades are a perfect replacement to disposable single-use razors. In the long run switching to safety razors will save money, time and natural resources. 100% plastic-free, zero waste and packaged in a recyclable cardboard box and protective paper. 

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