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Hydrophil Toothpaste With Fluoride - Pure Mint

Fluoride Toothpaste from Hydrophil with fresh peppermint notes and a fluoride content of 500ppm. The tube is made from 95% renewable resources.


Why we love the Hydrophil Toothpaste:


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Micro-Plastics
  • Tube 95% from Renewable Sources
  • 500ppm Fluoride

Hydrophil Toothpaste With Fluoride - Pure Mint

  • Hydrophil, one of the leaders in eco-friendly dental care, has developed a toothpaste with a difference. Their fluoride toothpaste has fresh peppermint flavour, fights bacteria and contains no micro-plastics, parabens or silicones. The tube is made from 95% renewable materials (mainly recycled sawdust from German joineries). Certified Natural Cosmetic.

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