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If You Care Paper Sandwich Bags - 48 Bags

These Paper Sandwich Bags from If You Care are ideal for your sanwiches, nuts, crisps and biscuits. They're made from unbleached pulp of Scandinavian spruce trees - a natural, renewable resource. The bags are greaseproof and eco-friendly, and they don't contain chlorine or petroleum-based paraffin wax. Excellent for everyday use, kind to the planet. 


Why we love the If You Care Paper Sandwich Bags:


  • Chlorine Free
  • Home Compostable
  • Plastic Free
  • Greaseproof
  • FSC Certified
  • No Paraffin Wax

If You Care Paper Sandwich Bags - 48 Bags

  • These If You Care Paper Sandwich Bags are a great alternative to plastic-based sandwich bags and snack bags. These bags are produced without chlorine and they can be used safely when storing your sandwiches, nuts, crisps, biscuits and other snacks. If You Care Paper Sandwich Bags are greaseproof and ideal for sandwiches which contain mayonnaise or butter. Microwave safe and certified home compostable. Each pack contains 48 bags.

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