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BioD Washing Powder 2KG - Non Bio

This BioD Washing Powder 2KG is an effective, non bio washing powder ideal for eco-friendly laundry. It's made in the UK, vegan, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Ethical Consumer has awarded BioD with the "Best Buy" label and the washing powder is accredited by Allergy UK.


Why we love the BioD Washing Powder:


  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the UK
  • Ethical Consumer "Best Buy"

BioD Washing Powder 2KG - Non Bio

  • This lovely BioD Washing Powder washes your laundry efficiently whilst being gentle to the planet. Like all BioD's products the Non Bio Washing Powder is made in the UK from sustainably sourced, biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. Free from chlorine, optical brighteners, phosphates, and contains no synthetic perfumes. BioD has been awarded the Ethical Consumer "Best Buy" label for their sustainable, naturally derived raw materials and their commitment to the environment.

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